AYL Bluetooth Soundfit Speaker

I have had experiences with many different brands and styles of Bluetooth speakers and I will tell you that this is one of my absolute favorites!  This feels like a quality speaker even before you take it out of the box!  Once out you will notice some features quickly.  Rubberized cushioning surrounds the edges.  I feel like I could drop this many times and it would still come up playing..of course, I will try not to drop it, but if I did….I’m just saying.  To help ensure you don’t drop it there is an attached writs strap screwed onto the speaker.

Four buttons on the top of the speaker give access to power, track skip forward and back, volume up, play/pause and phone functions to answer and end a call.  There is a microphone built in so you could use this to take a call by the pool without getting your phone close to the water…I know, right!  You are already as in love with the thing as much as I am and I haven’t even began telling you about how great it sounds!

This speaker pairs quickly and always pairs as soon as I turn it on (as long as my phone is within range).  The sound on this speaker is amazing!  Rich deep bass, nice bright highs (not tinny or muffled as I have found on other Bluetooth speakers).  The buttons respond nicely and do a great job controlling the volume as well as the track up and down.  One interesting feature is the screw hole at the bottom…you could mount this on a small tripod or speaker stand to get the sound elevated on a better listening level.  That’s a pretty cool feature I’ve not seen on one of these Bluetooth speakers before.

I turn this on at night when I fall asleep with Pandora running on a 60 minute timer.  I turn it off in the morning, so basically it plays sound for an hour and then sits on standby for about 4 more hours.  The speaker stays charged for about 4 nights of this type of use with intermittent use during the evening before bed.  Charge it up during the 5th day while I am at work and I am good to go for about another 4-5 nights!  It will definitely be heading to Florida in a few weeks on Spring Break.  I can’t wait to listen to it while I sit at the beach drinking Miller Lite in the sunshine!  And if it ends up raining…I’ll still drink my Miller Light and sit at the beach because it has a water resistance rating of IPX5.  It is safe from multi directional water drops and sprays.  I will not submerge it in the ocean.

PROS (in order of awesomeness):

  • SOUND–it is the best sounding speaker I have (and I have some that cost more and some that cost less)


  • I received the light blue one
  • when you connect or turn the speaker on there is a loud connection tone that is not affected by the volume level.  When I connect at night the sound is quite loud.  This is not a feature I dislike, but I wish the volume of the connection sound was controlled by the volume setting of the speaker.

Seriously, that is the only thing I can find negative about this speaker.  I love it and I’m sure you will, too.

I received mine at a discount for my honest evaluation.  You can get yours at the link below.






Flavfusion 25 Ounce Infusion Water Bottle

The 25 ounce FlavFusion Water bottle is a great way to help ensure that you are getting the right amount of fluids each day. These fruit infusion bottles have been gaining popularity lately and rightfully so. We ALL need to put down the sodas and pick up the water.

My family drinks a lot of water. My three boys all play multiple sports and my daughter is right behind them, so we go through a case of the prepackaged water in about two days! Think of all that wasted plastic that is sitting in a landfill somewhere. We recycle when we can, but not always. These infusion water bottles allow you to drink all the water you need/want without the waste. And think about the cost of all those cases of water! About $4.00 buys one case. This pays for itself in two purchases of the old cases.

I love the locking lid. It keeps the drink from spilling out. The only negative I found was the strainer inside. Twice now it has fallen into the water bottle and had to be fished out. It may be user error, but I will continue to try it out…perhaps I will get better with time.

I received this item at a discount for my evaluation, but the thoughts expressed are 100% my own feelings about the product.

Speed Hound Double Insulated Bottle

I’ve had the opportunity to review a few of these double insulated drink bottles and I am enjoying them more and more everyday!  The metal, vacuum sealed bottles keep drinks very cold and allow you to take a cold drink with you and keep it cold the whole time!

This offering comes from Speed Hound.  The bottle is awesome!  Perfect color combination, red and black, nice tight seal prevents leaking in your bag.  The lid is pretty cool.  It has threads inside the bottle, so that when you drink straight from the bottle there is no dripping around the threads.  There is a molded handle at the top that could be attached to a backpack with a caribiner clip (not included, but would be nice if it was.

  • Keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours.
  • Keeps hot drinks hot for up to 12 hours.
  • BPA free stainless steel construction.
  • Powder coating keeps the bottle from sweating, while providing a durable finish.
  •  Fits in most standard cup holders.
  • 21 ounces.

The best feature is the wide mouth opening that allows you to add ice cubes to keep the drink even colder!

There is nothing about this bottle that I don’t like, honestly.

Speed Hound also donates 5% of profits to organizations that work to safe the lives of animals…what’s not to like about that.

I recommend anyone who likes cold drinks to get a double insulated bottle and I HIGHLY recommend this Speed Hound bottle be the one you buy.

I received mine at a discount for my honest evaluation, but you can get yours at Amazon with the link below.



Steady Doggie Double Insulated Water Bottle

The Steady Doggie double insulated 20 ounce water bottle is great!  Crafted from high quality stainless steel it looks as good as it performs!

It comes with an included caribiner clip to attach to your golf bag, backpack, belt loop or anywhere else you find to hang it.  The double insulated design keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot for a long time!

I particularly like the options for sealing the bottle.  It comes with a closed top cap that allows for pouring and also a drinking straw lid with a flip top spout like most other sports water bottles.

In my test the liquids stayed perfectly chilled for hours.  There was no leaking around the top due to the rubber washer seal that is found on both caps.

The Steady Doggie water bottle is made of quality materials and I definitely recommend it if you are in the need for a bottle to keep drinks cold or hot for extended periods of time.

I received mine at a discount for my honest review.  You can get yours by clicking the link below.


steadydoggie (3)steadydoggie (2)

SantaMedical Muscle Massager

The SantaMedical vibrating muscle massage wand is a 6.1″massager that runs on two AA batteries.  The massage wand has an easy push button on and off switch that functions to cycle between on/off, low and high settings.

At the low setting you get a 3600 RPM vibration that is good for low level massage and at high, you get a more intense 4700 RPM massage.  I suffer from aches and pains in my Achilles tendons due to microtears from years of playing football.  This helped to alleviate pain in both legs.  My wife tried the low intensity massage on her stiff neck and felt relief as well.  The high intensity made her feel as if her teeth were going to chatter!  There is a red LED on the massage head to indicate that the unit is on (as if you wouldn’t know from the sound and vibration).

One thing I will note about this unit is the smell.  When the unit is in operation there is a smell of an electric motor running.  Almost like the old time battery operated robots that would spew out smoke from my childhood.

The massage was good and when used on my back and neck left me feeling calm and tingly in my neck area.  It is small, light and easy to hold and to reach your back and neck region.

I received this item at a discount for my honest evaluation and review.

You can get yours at Amazon by following the link below.


SantaMedical Mini Massager


Eat Smart Precision Body Check Digital Body Fat Scale

News Year’s resolutions are in full swing!  Most of us resolve to eat better, get in shape and lose weight this year.  Come on, we all do.  The Eat Smart Body Check scale is the perfect resolution companion.

The scale feels like a high quality instrument from the moment you take it out of the box.  The quarter inch thick tempered glass weighing surface provides a strong platform on which you stand to measure your weight and many other health measurements.  A large blue lit LCD screen is the window to your health with large, easy to read measurements.

Weight isn’t the only thing this scale calculates…

  • body weight
  • Body Mass Index
  • Body Water Percentage
  • Muscle Mass Percentage
  • Bone Mass Percentage
  • Calorie recommendations

All of this with instant on technology that instantly begins reading your numbers the moment you step on the scale…no more waiting for the flashing zeros!

To do these calculations you must first enter some basic information.  Athlete vs. standard measurements, male vs. female, activity level, height, and age must first be entered.  This is all done through the easy to navigate menus and the four buttons found below the screen.  Once you have entered this information, step on the scale and place your feet over the safe electrode strips and the scale will do the rest.

Weight can be measured in pounds, kilograms or stones.  One of the coolest features of this scale is the user memory function.  Up to 8 users can be stored in the scale.  When a user steps on the scale their profile is selected by their weight.  It can even be set to distinguish between two users who have similar weights.

This scale is a great tool and one that I would recommend for anyone who is ready to take the steps to losing weight and becoming more healthy this new year.  You can get yours by clicking the link below.




Eat Smart Precision Body Check Body Fat Scale
scale1 (2)
Easy to read LCD screen with user input buttons

U-FIT Comfort Swim Goggles

This is the second set of U-FIT Comfort Swim Goggles I have owned. U-FIT sent me two pair for my evaluation and review and I must say that both are the most comfortable goggles I’ve ever worn. These are made for comfort. The rubber headband fits nicely and has the split back style for improved fit. The adjustments are made by pulling the headband through the ratcheting clips molded on the side of the goggles themselves. There is a small tab that can be released that will allow them to be made bigger and to make them smaller you just gently pull on the excess headband and they will tighten up.

These goggles feature:

  • mirrored lenses
  • comfort fit strap
  • Super Soft and cushioned eye cups
  • Convenient protective storage case with locker hook

You can purchase your own set here:



U-FIT Comfort Swim Goggles


U-FIT Performance Swim Goggles

U-FIT makes some really great swim goggles.  These Performance Swim Goggles are one of those great sets.  The goggles feature a mirrored lens with incredibly soft rubber eye cups.  Most goggles I have ever work dig into my face and leave a ring around my eyes that lasts for hours.  These are so soft it is almost as if you aren’t wearing goggles at all.  They fit perfectly and are fully adjustable.  I put them on first to see how they felt and then I gave them to my 13 year old son.  He agreed.  These will be his goggles this spring when we travel to Florida.

He can’t wait for summer to give them a real test in the pool and ocean!


  • easy adjust back clasp…just pull on the loose ends and they click tighter to give you a great fit.
  • wide, comfortable rubber strap
  • soft rubber cushioned eye cups
  • mirrored front lenses

I think these might be the best goggles we have ever owned.  You can get yours at the following link…



U-FIT Performance Swim Goggles with mirrored lens.
Swivel Adjustment Clasp
Super Soft Eye Cups


Ovleng X13 Over the Ear Headphones

Ovleng Embossed on headband
Embossed Ovleng Logo on headband

The Ovleng X13 over the ear headphones came packaged in a box that is a similar style to the Beats headphones that we have all grown accustomed to seeing on these cheaper style headphones. Once opened, the similarities to the packaging was gone. The headphones come with a braided cable that is attached to the headphones. It is not detachable.

What the cable does have, though is a functioning microphone and click box that enables the microphone. The headphones are constructed of plastic. From the outer ear cups to the adjustable headband they are all made of plastic. The headband is wrapped in a comfortable leather like material as are the over the ear cups that does provide ample cushioning for long listening sessions. The ear cups do cover the ears and prevent most of the sound from escaping even when listening at moderately high levels.

The sound is actually pretty good. The higher end of the sound is better than the lower range, but for most listeners it would be much more than acceptable. At loud levels there was a slight bit of distortion…but that was at a level that was uncomfortable listening to, anyway.

These are my son’s headphones now and he loves them. His brothers both have Beats and he thinks these are pretty cool!

I would recommend these to anyone for casual listening, and would especially recommend these to parents with children. They seem sturdy and sound good at a price point that you wouldn’t cry if they sat or stepped on them while getting into or out of the van.

Full Disclosure: I received these headphones at a discount for my honest review.

Until next time…stay informed.

Informed Consumer 54

Limm resistance loop bands set of 5

I’ve used the theraband exercise bands for therapy for injuries in the past, I’ve never used them for just general strengthening. It makes perfect sense that this would work as a general exercise tool, too.
When I first opened the bands I thought, come on, how will this provide a good work out? I was wrong! The set comes with varying resistance bands from very light on up to the heavy, There is a resistance that is right for you. If not, you can use a combination of bands to provide just the right resistance for your workout.
In all there are 5 12″ by 2″ bands. They come packaged in a very nice bag that is perfect for transport and storage. There is also an included exercise card with instructions for many different exercises and a website to see even more.
Yellow, green, blue, red and black bands increase in resistance strength.
I like these bands because of the total workout they provide. I am no gym junkie, but I used to do a lot of strength training for football. I still remember coach telling us to go down slow on our bench presses and squats so that we would get the negative resistance workout as well. These bands provide just that…both positive (on the pull) and negative /(as the band returns to normal shape.)
I highly recommend these resistance bands to people of all fitness levels to improve strength.
I received this item at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review.


Until next time…Stay informed.
Informed Consumer 54