Night Provision LED Bike Tail Light

A few days ago I posted a review of the Night ProVision front headlight for your bike and now here is the tail light counterpart.  The tail light is made exactly the same as the front headlight, but with one exception.  The tail light has red LED lights obviously.

The tail light comes with a mounting bracket that consists of a rubber strap that goes around the seat receiver and clips on like a belt.  It is adjustable so it can fit a variety of sizes.  The light then clips into this rubber strap and can be installed horizontally or vertically depending upon your preference.

There is included in the box:

  • The light (30 LEDS @ 120 Lumens on Max setting)
  • rubber mounting strap
  • micro USB cable for charging
  • instruction sheet
  • a rubber pad with self adhesive strip

The light has three intensity levels that can be adjusted with the click of a button and then with a press and hold of the button, the light will turn off.  Just like the headlight, the tail light is very bright and is a great addition for night time riding.  The light has a a life of 6 hours and 20 minutes on maximum brightness before it will need to be charged again, so it will last a long time on one charge.

These are great products based on the life of the battery between charges and the ease of tool-free installation.

All the ports (charging and on/off button) are sealed so the lamp is waterproof and shock resistant.

You can get yours at the following link:

Night ProVision™ LINE 120R | Rear Bicycle Light Micro USB Rechargeable LED 120 Lumens

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Night ProVision Tail light