Vodiy Fonuslight LED Camping Lantern

I received the Fonuslight at a discount in exchange for my honest evaluation.  Even though I did not pay full retail price for this one, I will be buying more!  This thing is awesome!  It is made of durable hard plastic materials with rubber protective coatings over most of the lantern.  There is a push button that changes it through the six different modes.

Out of the box the lantern feels sturdy…this is even more evident when you install the three D Cell batteries.  This thing would sit on a camping table, picnic table or tailgate and I would not be worried one bit about it falling off.  And like I said, there is rubber coating most all of the contact points, so again, no worries!


  • Solid feel ABS Plastic, Rubber, Iron hang handle
  • Super bright (350 Lumens)
  • Multiple settings
    • Full 350 Lumens
    • Medium 175 Lumens
    • Low 100 Lumens
    • SOS Strobe 350 Lumens
    • Red Light Solid  On 15 Lumens
    • Red Light Steady Flash 15 Lumens
  • Caribiner Clips on top and Bottom
  • Removable outer globe for flashlight type operation
  • 6 days of light on low power mode
  • Splash proof/rain proof, shock proof.


  • 3 D Cell Batteries (I never have these just lying around the house.
  • Would have liked to see the light have a rechargeable battery.

This is a great lantern and one that I will keep around the house for emergency power outages or walking from the house to the pole barn.  It will also be nice when the weather warms up for back deck parties and around the swimming pool.

You can get yours at the following link:




Bright Outdoors Solar Camping Light

I remember camping as a child.  Pack the tent, the cooler full of sandwiches, the sleeping bags and that old Coleman fuel lantern.  Remember it?  A glass shield?? Perfect for packing in a full trunk and then walking through the woods with it…that never got broken.  and if you made it to the campsite with the glass intact, you still had the lantern mantles to deal with.  They were little mesh bags that you had to burn first and basically make them ash that would also break off leaving you with no light.

Fast forward to today and you have much easier tools for “roughing it” outdoors.  The Bright Outdoors solar powered camping lantern is one of these new devices.

This lantern can be charged via a USB cable or by the free solar energy provided by the sun.  This lantern is also feature packed with some really cool functions!

  • Use it as a flashlight.
  • Two brightness modes.
  • Lantern mode
  • Emergency phone charger via the USB outlet
  • Emergency flashing light mode

On a full charge this lantern will run for 5 hours on high or 10 hours on low.  Using USB power the light will charge fully in 4-6 hours.  From the discharged state the light will run for 15-30 minutes on an hour charge from the sun.  This is perfect in a pinch.

The collapsible design makes it easy to store and easy to switch from flashlight mode to lantern mode quickly.  It also comes with a hanging hook.

This will be a permanent fixture in my camping supply box.  I will also be buying one for each of our cars to have available in an emergency.

I highly recommend you get one.  I received a discount on this light to provide my honest review and evaluation, but you can get one, too by following the link below.



Expanded Lantern Mode
Campinglantern (2)
Collapsed Flashlight Mode
Campinglantern (3)
Micro USB charging port and USB port for phone charger
Campinglantern (4)
Very bright 65 Lumens LED Camping Lantern