AYL 900 Lumens CREE Tactical Flashlight

Whoa!  This thing is blind your neighbors bright!  I mean it…all flashlights say not to shine it directly in your eyes, but with this one…they mean it!

I have not had a brighter flashlight.  All from a beautiful aluminum casing that fits nicely in your hand.  No big bulky mag light size, this is about 7 inches long and comes with a wrist strap and a belt clip.  The head of the flashlight slides out to magnify the light and allows you to have a small, intense light or to expand that light to become less intense, but still brightly light up a larger area.

There is a rubber push button that operates the light and turns it on and off.  A firm press turns the light on and off and a softer press changes modes from on to flash to SOS flash.

It operates on three AAA batteries and has  nice glow ring inside the head that shows you where it is even in the dark!  I am ordering more for my wife’s car and for my mom’s car.

I highly recommend this flashlight without reservation!





Reivalo headlamp of all headlamps!  Super bright, super cool!

I received the Reivalo Outdoor Equipment Headlamp for free in exchange for my honest review and let me tel you this thing is awesome!
I have had many different types of flashlights…the big ones that take D cell batteries, the small ones that use button batterries and everything in between. Handheld, table top and even other headlamps. Nothing compares to this light! From my back deck I can light up the woods over 100 yards away!
The strap is comfortable on a hat and even on the bare forehead. with only three AAA batteries you have a light that will surely be bright enough for any task.
There are three intensity settings as well as a red tinted light that is perfect for use when you don’t want to send out a search beacon. My boys wear this light and can shine it into the sky and it seems to light up the clouds in the night sky. a push of a button turns it down and another push sends it to the lowest setting. One more push and it is off.
I have used this for searching in my dark pole barn, taking the trash to the end of the driveway and my some even uses it in the car to read books.

I can honestly say I’ve never had a light this bright! It truly is the headlamp of all headlamps.
I love that I can use this headlamp and keep my hands free for other tasks.
I highly recommend this to anyone who is in the market for a headlamp or flashlight!
Until next time…stay informed!

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