Liansing Monopod Bluetooth Selfie Stick

Selfie sticks are all over the place!  With Spring Break coming up I am sure they will be all over the beach like they were last year.  They offer a unique view and an interesting way for you to document your life.

Liansing has created a good one.  The selfie stick is about three feet long when fully extended and about 10 inches when the telescoping pole is not extended.  This one is bluetooth enabled, so no wires are needed once you’ve charged it completely for about 30 minutes.  It has a three day standby period and will last a long time depending upon how many pictures you snap with it.  The phone holder is solid and doesn’t feel like the phone will slip out easily.  There is a wrist strap, charging cable and carrying bag included.

I received this item at a discount for my honest evaluation.  You can get yours by clicking below.

selfiestickselfiestick (2)



Flavfusion 25 Ounce Infusion Water Bottle

The 25 ounce FlavFusion Water bottle is a great way to help ensure that you are getting the right amount of fluids each day. These fruit infusion bottles have been gaining popularity lately and rightfully so. We ALL need to put down the sodas and pick up the water.

My family drinks a lot of water. My three boys all play multiple sports and my daughter is right behind them, so we go through a case of the prepackaged water in about two days! Think of all that wasted plastic that is sitting in a landfill somewhere. We recycle when we can, but not always. These infusion water bottles allow you to drink all the water you need/want without the waste. And think about the cost of all those cases of water! About $4.00 buys one case. This pays for itself in two purchases of the old cases.

I love the locking lid. It keeps the drink from spilling out. The only negative I found was the strainer inside. Twice now it has fallen into the water bottle and had to be fished out. It may be user error, but I will continue to try it out…perhaps I will get better with time.

I received this item at a discount for my evaluation, but the thoughts expressed are 100% my own feelings about the product.

Vodiy Fonuslight LED Camping Lantern

I received the Fonuslight at a discount in exchange for my honest evaluation.  Even though I did not pay full retail price for this one, I will be buying more!  This thing is awesome!  It is made of durable hard plastic materials with rubber protective coatings over most of the lantern.  There is a push button that changes it through the six different modes.

Out of the box the lantern feels sturdy…this is even more evident when you install the three D Cell batteries.  This thing would sit on a camping table, picnic table or tailgate and I would not be worried one bit about it falling off.  And like I said, there is rubber coating most all of the contact points, so again, no worries!


  • Solid feel ABS Plastic, Rubber, Iron hang handle
  • Super bright (350 Lumens)
  • Multiple settings
    • Full 350 Lumens
    • Medium 175 Lumens
    • Low 100 Lumens
    • SOS Strobe 350 Lumens
    • Red Light Solid  On 15 Lumens
    • Red Light Steady Flash 15 Lumens
  • Caribiner Clips on top and Bottom
  • Removable outer globe for flashlight type operation
  • 6 days of light on low power mode
  • Splash proof/rain proof, shock proof.


  • 3 D Cell Batteries (I never have these just lying around the house.
  • Would have liked to see the light have a rechargeable battery.

This is a great lantern and one that I will keep around the house for emergency power outages or walking from the house to the pole barn.  It will also be nice when the weather warms up for back deck parties and around the swimming pool.

You can get yours at the following link:



Speed Hound Double Insulated Bottle

I’ve had the opportunity to review a few of these double insulated drink bottles and I am enjoying them more and more everyday!  The metal, vacuum sealed bottles keep drinks very cold and allow you to take a cold drink with you and keep it cold the whole time!

This offering comes from Speed Hound.  The bottle is awesome!  Perfect color combination, red and black, nice tight seal prevents leaking in your bag.  The lid is pretty cool.  It has threads inside the bottle, so that when you drink straight from the bottle there is no dripping around the threads.  There is a molded handle at the top that could be attached to a backpack with a caribiner clip (not included, but would be nice if it was.

  • Keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours.
  • Keeps hot drinks hot for up to 12 hours.
  • BPA free stainless steel construction.
  • Powder coating keeps the bottle from sweating, while providing a durable finish.
  •  Fits in most standard cup holders.
  • 21 ounces.

The best feature is the wide mouth opening that allows you to add ice cubes to keep the drink even colder!

There is nothing about this bottle that I don’t like, honestly.

Speed Hound also donates 5% of profits to organizations that work to safe the lives of animals…what’s not to like about that.

I recommend anyone who likes cold drinks to get a double insulated bottle and I HIGHLY recommend this Speed Hound bottle be the one you buy.

I received mine at a discount for my honest evaluation, but you can get yours at Amazon with the link below.


More Cuisine Silicone cooking gloves

siliconehotglovesPot holders have come a long way since the ones I used to make for my mom in home ec class.  Gone are the woven pads that barely covered your hands to make room for the full coverage silicone cooking gloves.  The More Cuisine Cooking gloves are one such offering.

These cooking gloves resist heat, fit snugly to allow for maximum use of hands and fingers all while increasing the grip you have on your kitchen utensils.

These gloves fit my hands perfectly.  They allow for grilling, removing pans of baked french fries (a selection that makes its way to our dinner table usually three times a week) or tearing and shredding meat from the oven.

I highly recommend these over the old style square pot holders.

I have other gloves that are made of woven material, but when those get wet, the heat protection goes down quickly.  Not with these…even, consistent heat resistance no matter what the situation.  All with no offensive rubbery smell.

I received this pair at a discount for my honest review.  You can get yours by clicking the link below.

The Better Bar Moscow Mule Mug

The Moscow Mule, the cocktail invented in 1941 by John A. Morgan, has become very popular lately!  So popular, in fact, that the all important copper mug has been disappearing from bars.  According to stories in the Wall Street Journal, bartenders in many bars are actually holding credit cards and IDs to ensure the mugs are returned when the drink is finished!  Well, now you don’t have to relinquish such important items!

The Better Bar has created a wonderful 100% copper Moscow Mule mug so you can create this fantastic cocktail at home!  16 ounces of refreshing Moscow Mule goodness can be enjoyed from this mug.  It is a nice, clean design that is absent from many frills, but still allows complete enjoyment of the cocktail the way it was intended to be enjoyed…from a copper mug.

I received mine at a discount for my honest review.  You can get yours from Amazon right now for about $16.00 by following the link below.

Moscowmulemug (2)Moscowmulemug

Steady Doggie Double Insulated Water Bottle

The Steady Doggie double insulated 20 ounce water bottle is great!  Crafted from high quality stainless steel it looks as good as it performs!

It comes with an included caribiner clip to attach to your golf bag, backpack, belt loop or anywhere else you find to hang it.  The double insulated design keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot for a long time!

I particularly like the options for sealing the bottle.  It comes with a closed top cap that allows for pouring and also a drinking straw lid with a flip top spout like most other sports water bottles.

In my test the liquids stayed perfectly chilled for hours.  There was no leaking around the top due to the rubber washer seal that is found on both caps.

The Steady Doggie water bottle is made of quality materials and I definitely recommend it if you are in the need for a bottle to keep drinks cold or hot for extended periods of time.

I received mine at a discount for my honest review.  You can get yours by clicking the link below.

steadydoggie (3)steadydoggie (2)

Bright Outdoors Safety Clip-On Lights

The Bright Outdoors has some great LED products.  I have had the opportunity to review a few of their products and they’ve all been excellent!  The Clip-On Safety lights are no different.

This package comes with two lights, one is black and the other is red in exterior color.  Both lights function the same, so from here on out I will just talk about one of them, but understand that there are two lights that function this way.

Included in the package:

  • 2 ultra bright LED Lights
  • 2 rubber  straps
  • 2 Velcro straps
  • 2 flat cable 8 inch micro USB charging cables

The light has no physical button on the outside of the light, but a push in the center of the light activates the unit.  One push begins the strobe function.  A second push changes to the always on, red light.  A third push switches to the flashing red light. A fourth push switches to the always on white light.  Pressing and holding for a few seconds turns the light off.

The light is bright and can be attached three different ways.  There is a clip built into the light that can be clipped to clothing.  The Velcro strap can be work around the arm and then the light can be clipped to the strap.  The light can also be secured to the rubber strap and then connected to a bike on one of the tubular parts of the frame (handlebars, seat post, etc.)

There is no replaceable battery, but the battery can be recharged via a USB plug and the included cables.

I would recommend these lights to anyone with children who would need to be seen at night (bike riding, Trick or Treating, or just playing in the yard).

I received these lights at a discount for my honest review.  Ifyou would like to get your own, please click the link below.

As with the other Bright Outdoors products, I absolutely recommend these!

Safety Lights (2 pack)

safetylight (2)safetylightsafetylight (3)

Wine Eccentric Wine Aerating Pourer

Every wine enthusiast has their favorite way to pour, drink and enjoy their wine.  Some swirl, some swish and others just open the bottle and begin drinking.

The act of aerating wine can be done many different ways.  Aerating wine releases the full flavor and aroma of the wine.  Utilizing a plain decanter has been around for years and years.  Also on the market are aerating pourers that fit into the bottle opening and aerate as they are poured.  That’s where the Wine Eccentric Aerating pourer falls.

Made of clear and black plastic, the Wine Eccentric offering fits into the neck of the wine bottle.  There are three aerating holes found just above the rubber seal that goes into the opening of the bottle.  As the wine is passed through the pourer, air is added releasing the fruit flavors and aromas of the wine.

This one comes in a nice clear plastic display box with a red faux felt backdrop.  It is perfect as a gift for the wine lover in your family.  The unit feels like it is made with quality and looks elegant as well.  For some really intense aeration I have heard that some people like to quickly pass the wine through a blender before drinking…use caution here, because many say the wine tastes flatter when this method is employed.

I received this wine aerator at a discount for my honest review.  You can get yours at the Amazon link below.

Motion Trend RFID Blocking Wallet


I have had the opportunity to review a couple of these RFID blocking wallets.  The Motion Trend wallet is my favorite of the bunch.  The others have been stiff and the leather material felt cheap.

This one has many features that I like.

Black Leather

Flip up license holder

Double bill compartment

Plenty of space for many cards

Nice size.

Boxed beautifully, perfect for gift giving.

I am usually a front pocket wallet guy.  This one is a bit large for front pocket use, but it fits perfectly in the back pocket.

I would recommend this wallet to anyone looking for a new wallet whether you want the RFID blocking or not, this one is a good one!

I received this wallet at a discount in exchange for my honest review.

Click the link to order one for yourself!