The Eye Love glasses case review.

The Eye Love glasses case comes with some great additional items! Included in the package are the glasses box, a lint free bag, a vinyl bag and a multiuser tool to repair broken glasses.
The two bags are nice features for transporting the sunglasses I will keep in the box. The box will stay in the car, although it could easily be carried with you. The multi tool has a small wrench, phillips and flathead screw driver.
I would not trust the box to protect my oakleys if I say I. It, but it will surely keep them protected around the car. I feel more secure with the glasses in this case than I did when I used to just set them on the dashboard or in the front console.
I would recommend this case for your sunglasses or prescription glasses to protect them from life’s bumps and bruises.
Until next time… Stay informed.
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Instanatural Youth Express Eye Gel-for wrinkles, dark circles and bags

First, let me say that I am not usually one to use “product” on my face. I am a man who believes the wrinkles are the evidence of the effort you’ve put into life. When I received the Instanatural Eye Cream for Wrinkles I was pleasantly surprised. The container reminded me of a travel can of shaving cream. A nice touch for a manly man suck as myself. The eye cream came out in typical lotion fashion a small stream of creamy white wrinkle buster! Having never used something like this myself I asked my wife what to do next.
I rubbed the cream between the first two fingers on each hand and began running it under my eyes. I rubbed it out from my nose and up to the outside corners of my eyes…you know, where the crow feet form. The cream was cooling and felt good on my face. I waited a few minutes to see how it felt. The cooling sensation lasted a few seconds and then it felt good. No greasy residue. No burn, itch or sting. I squirted out another dab of the cream and put it on my forehead, too. The smell was not bad at all. There was a slight odor, but not unpleasant or anything. To my surprise, I have been using it since I received it and I don’t mind it at all. My wife is intrigued and she is using the bottle as well. I don’t expect the wrinkles to be gone overnight, but with continued use I do believe there will be some change to the contours of my face lines. I will continue to use the product. My wife uses it in the morning and at night, so I don’t know how long it will last, but a little goes a long way. I don’t know if I will buy more once it is gone, but Instanatural may have a long term believer in my wife.

This bottle came at a discount so I could try it and give an honest review. And I think we will buy more!


Beetle Supcase…is it as good as the big boys?

My daughter got her iPAD mini for Christmas and on Christmas night she dropped it and cracked the screen. I kicked myself for not getting this with the iPad. Live and learn. Don’t leave home without your iPad protected! This does as nice of a job as the more expensive brands for a much better price!
I’ve been pleased with these Beetle Supcase protective cases.  All four of my children have them on their iPads! 


Otterbox phone cases…the perfect companion to your phone…

There is no other case I trust for my Apple iPhone! This has protected my phone so many times! I bought my first otterbox with my first iPhone. I’ve had one on ever since. When I upgraded my 12 year old to an iPhone I insisted he get an Otterbox before he could take the phone from the safe confines of the cushiony couch. He wasn’t happy at the time, but he has thanked me numerous times since. Just do yourself a favor and get one for your phone! These fit perfectly and protect the phone better than any case I’ve seen! My wife’s phone even survived falling from her pocket while mowing. She ran over the phone and shot it from the blade discharge…the case needed replacing…but the phone worked perfectly without a scratch! Get it!


Dr. Sleepwell’s SnoreStoppers…the real deal!

imageDr. Sleepwell’s SnoreStoppers are crazy cool! The package comes with two sizes and two different textures. One is smooth and the other is eh hmm…ribbed for your pleasure. Actually it is ribbed so it stays in place during those runny nose months. The anti snore device fits snugly, although comfortably inside the nostrils. This opens your nostrils and allows increased air flow during nose breathing. I mean to tell you, the difference is huge! I actually told my son he should wear them during basketball games! So it aids in breathing like a breatheright nasal strip on steroids…but what about the snoring? Well I’ll just tell you that my wife has slept better than she has in weeks. I did throw them out of my nose the first night, but jumped up a size the next night and no problems! And don’t worry about them getting dirty…they come with instructions that tell you exactly how to clean them! So easy!

Dr. Sleep well sent these to me at a reduced price so I could give you my honest review, but I have already sent one of them (unused of course) with my dad and if they work for him in sure there will be quite a few of his friends ordering some!