Mr. Biscuits Burning Love Hot Sauce

I love a good hot sauce.  Sometimes I’m in the mood for a melt your face heat and other times I like a milder, hot sauce that doesn’t burn for a long time, but just adds a little heat right at the moment.

Mr. Bisuits is the perfect mix of both!  It provides a heat that gets your attention while you are eating it and reminds you of it just a little bit after you eat.

The first bottle came damaged from amazon.  I contacted the company and amazon and was pleasantly surprised when the owner contacted me back and sent a bottle from the warehouse.  Amazon just wanted to give me my money back.

A great sauce and great customer service?  That is a win-win!  I had it on pork chops tonight for dinner and I must say it was tasty!  A nice mix of habanero pepper, onion, garlic and just a bit of a sweet hint from the honey and citrus.  It is very good and I highly recommend it!





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