RY Gardener Flexible expanding garden hose

If you’ve never used one of these expandable garden hoses I recommend them…with one warning (see below).

This one is a nice blue color with some added features that sets it above the rest.  This hose set comes with a handle that has all the normal patterns, full, shower, flat, soaker, jet, etc.  It also comes with a hose hanger that fits over the water hydrant.  This hanger is not really functional for me because all of my outside hydrants are low to the ground, so the hose still lays on the ground.  If you had a higher faucet then this would work really well for you.  It comes with all the rubber washers you would need.  Inside the hose is a flexible PVC hose that also provides some protection against hose burst.

The only thing I’ve found with these…not just this one specifically, but all expandable hoses…you lose pressure in them if you don’t have a lot of water pressure at the hydrant.  I washed our cars to get the winter road salt off and after spraying, you can see the hose start to recoil and the water stream diminishes to a slow stream.  If you stop spraying the pressure will build back up and the hose will expand again, but it is kind of a pain.

I recommend these hoses and specifically the RY Gardener hose if you’ve got good pressure at your house.

I received mine at a discount for my honest evaluation.  You can get yours at the link below.



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