Pop the Top Bottle Opener

Have you ever heard the phrase “build a better mousetrap?”  It is usually uttered about taking a product that is simple and functional and designing a brand new way to do it.

Well, TaZa has done it…no, they do not build mousetraps, but they do make bottle openers.  Such a simple design, one that has been around for years, with many different variations of the same thing and now TaZa has made it much cooler, quicker and just better.  Enter, Pop the Top Bottle Opener.  Just smaller than a can of pop, the Pop the Top Bottle Opener fits nicely in your hand.  Slide it over the top of your favorite bottle of beer and push down.  You have just opened a bottle with out any bending of the wrist using only downward pressure!

This is a great tool to use with your friends at the next tailgate, party or just sitting at your house enjoying a few beers.  It is sure to spark conversation and amusement when it is brought out.

The company makes these in silver or black.  The opener is perfect for the cap collector, too.  It opens the bottle without bending and destroying the bottle cap.  I love the bottle opener and I am sure you will as well.

I received mine at a discount for my honest evaluation.  You can get yours at the following link.


taza (2)



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