Gurin Compact Dehumidifier

The Gurin Compact Dehumidifier is a small wonder.  I am impressed with this little unit. It has a small holding tank for collection of water from the air.  The tank holds 16 ounces of water and automatically shuts the unit down when it is full.  The collection chamber slides out easily and with the pull of a rubber plug it empties quickly and is ready for more.  Perhaps the most impressive thing is the whisper quiet operation.  With little more than the sound of a computer fan you can protect a small space from the damage of excess humidity in the air.

Absent from this unit are some features you would find on larger dehumidifiers…a setting switch to adjust how much moisture is allowed in the air, a drain hose for continuous operation, and sort of audible alarm for a full tank (although there is a light to indicate when the unit is full).

This unit is perfect for a small closet, kitchen, RV, small office, etc.  Being that it is in the middle of winter and my house is usually dry in the winter I was not able to pull much water from the air, I did put it in the bathroom during my wife’s 20 minute hot showers and was able to verify that it doers in fact work.

I am extremely happy with this small dehumidifier and will certainly use it in the corner of our basement in the summer months when the humidity increases in our area.

I received this unit at a discount in exchange for my honest evaluation and review.  IT retails for $44.95 on Amazon and you can pick one up by clicking the link below.





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