Blitzwolf USB-C Charger for your car

Blitzwolf packaging

The Blitzwolf USB-C Car Charger came today free for me to review for you!

USB-C is the new USB format that is set to replace the old USB connectors that we are all used to.  USB-C is much smaller than the original and more importantly it is reversible.  Like the Apple Lightning connector, the USB-C can be plugged in either way, there is no more right side up!  That is a huge upgrade!  It was developed around the same time as the USB 3.0, but is totally different.

Many new devices will be moving to the new format.  Currently it can be found on the macBook 2015, the Nokia N-1 Tablet and the newest Chromebook Pixel.

This charger has a standard cigarette adapter on one end and the USB-C connector on the other.  This charger is made of metal with a high quality rubber cord.

I really like this design because it incorporates a standard USB plug in the charger head so you can charge your other devices at the same time.  Blitzwolf has put a lot of effort in this design and it is a beautiful piece of charging technology.

If you have a new device that supports this standard or if you just want to be ready for the new devices, I recommend this car charger!

You can get one here…


All metal construction on the charger head make this one of the higher quality chargers I have seen.
Incorporated standard USB plug for charging other devices at the same time.


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