Clicks Outdoor TV Cover

Outdoor TV’s are great!  I can’t think of a better place to watch the big game or a new movie than the comfort of your back patio with a nice cold drink in hand!  Then the rain comes.  Your investment can be ruined by humidity, rain, sun and sand.  That’s where the Clicks Outdoor TV Cover comes to save the day!

The cover is black in color and is made of heavy duty material like a boat cover.

  • FITS FLAT SCREEN TV’s AND DISPLAYS (42″x 26.5″x 4.5″)

The seams are all double stitched to last and protect!  The cover will work perfectly for single and double mounts.  Included remote control storage pocket with velcro flap will also protect your remote and keep it handy when needed.

This cover is perfect for your deck, poolside, patio or pole barn and will protect your investment from the elements!

I received mine at a discount so I could provide an honest evaluation, but you can get yours from Amazon for $49.99.  Wait, it’s on sale right now for $32.95, but you better act fast because the sale may not last!  Click the link below to get one now!




Bright Outdoors Solar Camping Light

I remember camping as a child.  Pack the tent, the cooler full of sandwiches, the sleeping bags and that old Coleman fuel lantern.  Remember it?  A glass shield?? Perfect for packing in a full trunk and then walking through the woods with it…that never got broken.  and if you made it to the campsite with the glass intact, you still had the lantern mantles to deal with.  They were little mesh bags that you had to burn first and basically make them ash that would also break off leaving you with no light.

Fast forward to today and you have much easier tools for “roughing it” outdoors.  The Bright Outdoors solar powered camping lantern is one of these new devices.

This lantern can be charged via a USB cable or by the free solar energy provided by the sun.  This lantern is also feature packed with some really cool functions!

  • Use it as a flashlight.
  • Two brightness modes.
  • Lantern mode
  • Emergency phone charger via the USB outlet
  • Emergency flashing light mode

On a full charge this lantern will run for 5 hours on high or 10 hours on low.  Using USB power the light will charge fully in 4-6 hours.  From the discharged state the light will run for 15-30 minutes on an hour charge from the sun.  This is perfect in a pinch.

The collapsible design makes it easy to store and easy to switch from flashlight mode to lantern mode quickly.  It also comes with a hanging hook.

This will be a permanent fixture in my camping supply box.  I will also be buying one for each of our cars to have available in an emergency.

I highly recommend you get one.  I received a discount on this light to provide my honest review and evaluation, but you can get one, too by following the link below.


Expanded Lantern Mode
Campinglantern (2)
Collapsed Flashlight Mode
Campinglantern (3)
Micro USB charging port and USB port for phone charger
Campinglantern (4)
Very bright 65 Lumens LED Camping Lantern


Gurin Compact Dehumidifier

The Gurin Compact Dehumidifier is a small wonder.  I am impressed with this little unit. It has a small holding tank for collection of water from the air.  The tank holds 16 ounces of water and automatically shuts the unit down when it is full.  The collection chamber slides out easily and with the pull of a rubber plug it empties quickly and is ready for more.  Perhaps the most impressive thing is the whisper quiet operation.  With little more than the sound of a computer fan you can protect a small space from the damage of excess humidity in the air.

Absent from this unit are some features you would find on larger dehumidifiers…a setting switch to adjust how much moisture is allowed in the air, a drain hose for continuous operation, and sort of audible alarm for a full tank (although there is a light to indicate when the unit is full).

This unit is perfect for a small closet, kitchen, RV, small office, etc.  Being that it is in the middle of winter and my house is usually dry in the winter I was not able to pull much water from the air, I did put it in the bathroom during my wife’s 20 minute hot showers and was able to verify that it doers in fact work.

I am extremely happy with this small dehumidifier and will certainly use it in the corner of our basement in the summer months when the humidity increases in our area.

I received this unit at a discount in exchange for my honest evaluation and review.  IT retails for $44.95 on Amazon and you can pick one up by clicking the link below.




Wanderlust QY8 Bluetooth Headset

I have collected quite a few Earbud sets, some wired and some bluetooth, but this is the first set of this kind…earbuds with a short wire and no headband.

The Wanderlust QY8 Bluetooth headset came packaged in a small brown box with no markings other than a barcode sticker with the product name.  Inside the box were:

  • The headphones
  • a charging cable
  • replacement rubber buds (2 sizes)
  • replacement ear stays
  • small instruction card (fairly well written English)

I was impressed with how the earbuds fit in my ears.  I was worried at first as the earbuds are attached to rather large bases, but the ear stays help to hold it comfortably, but firmly in your ear.  They paired quickly with my iPhone 5s.  The sound from the earbuds is not the best.  The sound is muffled and suffers from a lack of bass.  The vocals are a bit muddy.  I would not use these for everyday listening if sound quality is what you are after.  They are perfect for a run.  The sound would be better than the street sounds.

They are Bluetooth V 4.1 and can place, receive, start and end calls.  The microphone is found on the right earbud with the control button.  For a full list of features, see below.

  • QY8 Wireless Sport Bluetooth Stereo Headphones
    Sweat proof Running, Gym, Stereo Earbuds
    APTX Technology to ensure higher sound quality and delivers crystal clear hands-free calls
    By utilizing noise-cancelling technology background noise is also reduced to ensure clear conversation
    Very Lightweight fit snug and tangle free, perfect for workouts.
    Bluetooth Version CSR8635 V4.0 EDR
    Bluetooth Profiles Headset Hands Free A2DP AVRCP
    Cable type Noodle Tangle Free
    Amplifier output RMS 2 X 18MW
    Threshold 10 percent
    Amplifier ratio 90dB
    Input Voltage 3.7V rechargeable lithium
    Charging voltage DC5V 500MAH
    Speaker 2 x 16 Ohm 20MW
    Frequency 20Hz to 20KHz
    Sensor 100db plus or minus 2db Ratio 80Db
    Receiver 2.4 to 2.48GHz
    Wireless 10 meter technology Supports Operating distance: 30 feet or 10m
    Standby time 150 hours
    Playback time Music 6 hours
    Talking 4 hours
    Charging time 1.5 to 2 hours
    Package Content 1 Bluetooth Stereo Headset
    1 Micro USB Charging Cable
    3 pair Silicone Ear pieces
    2 pair Ear Hooks
    1 User Manual Warranty
    12 Month Replacement Warranty

I would recommend these as a gym companion because they are more easily transported than a larger full headphone set and they stay connected even with your phone in your pocket (I did not notice any drop when my arms crossed the path of the phone to headset as I have with other bluetooth headphones.

I received this set at a discount for my honest review and evaluation.

If you would like to get a set, you can get them by clicking the link below.


Blitzwolf Double Sided USB-C Cable

Blitzwolf makes great cables.  You may remember a review I did a while back of the Blitzwolf Car Charger… Well, Blitzwolf is at it again and this time it is for more than your car!  Yes, with a charger plugged into your cigarette lighter you could charge your new USB-C enabled phone with this, but it can do so much more!

Features of this cable:

  • Double sided male USB 3.1 Type C reversible plug
  • data sync speeds up to 5GBps
  • Nickel plated antioxidant standard USB plug and USB-C plug
  • Plexible PVC sheath with 24/30 AWG power and data wire cores
  • Support for 5V/9V/12V fast charging up to 3A.

You can see Blitzwolf did not skip anything in the design and manufacture of this plug.

If you have a USB-C enabled phone or new Macbook or Chromebook, don’t hesitate in getting the Blitzwolf Type C PVC cable.  This item was sent at a discount for my honest evaluation, but you can get yours by clicking the link below.



SantaMedical Muscle Massager

The SantaMedical vibrating muscle massage wand is a 6.1″massager that runs on two AA batteries.  The massage wand has an easy push button on and off switch that functions to cycle between on/off, low and high settings.

At the low setting you get a 3600 RPM vibration that is good for low level massage and at high, you get a more intense 4700 RPM massage.  I suffer from aches and pains in my Achilles tendons due to microtears from years of playing football.  This helped to alleviate pain in both legs.  My wife tried the low intensity massage on her stiff neck and felt relief as well.  The high intensity made her feel as if her teeth were going to chatter!  There is a red LED on the massage head to indicate that the unit is on (as if you wouldn’t know from the sound and vibration).

One thing I will note about this unit is the smell.  When the unit is in operation there is a smell of an electric motor running.  Almost like the old time battery operated robots that would spew out smoke from my childhood.

The massage was good and when used on my back and neck left me feeling calm and tingly in my neck area.  It is small, light and easy to hold and to reach your back and neck region.

I received this item at a discount for my honest evaluation and review.

You can get yours at Amazon by following the link below.


SantaMedical Mini Massager

Night Provision LED Bike Tail Light

A few days ago I posted a review of the Night ProVision front headlight for your bike and now here is the tail light counterpart.  The tail light is made exactly the same as the front headlight, but with one exception.  The tail light has red LED lights obviously.

The tail light comes with a mounting bracket that consists of a rubber strap that goes around the seat receiver and clips on like a belt.  It is adjustable so it can fit a variety of sizes.  The light then clips into this rubber strap and can be installed horizontally or vertically depending upon your preference.

There is included in the box:

  • The light (30 LEDS @ 120 Lumens on Max setting)
  • rubber mounting strap
  • micro USB cable for charging
  • instruction sheet
  • a rubber pad with self adhesive strip

The light has three intensity levels that can be adjusted with the click of a button and then with a press and hold of the button, the light will turn off.  Just like the headlight, the tail light is very bright and is a great addition for night time riding.  The light has a a life of 6 hours and 20 minutes on maximum brightness before it will need to be charged again, so it will last a long time on one charge.

These are great products based on the life of the battery between charges and the ease of tool-free installation.

All the ports (charging and on/off button) are sealed so the lamp is waterproof and shock resistant.

You can get yours at the following link:

Night ProVision™ LINE 120R | Rear Bicycle Light Micro USB Rechargeable LED 120 Lumens

stupidbrighttaillight (2)
Night ProVision Tail light

Careful Gardener Spray Nozzle

Careful Gardener Pray Nozzle Set.

I have gone through more of these than I care to admit.  Spray nozzles are an often used and abused item at my house.  You get done spraying off the cars and washing away the dirt and grime from the road debris and you spray nozzle just doesn’t have enough Oooomph to get off the abuse of the road.

The careful gardener has the spray settings and the reliability to give you the new car spray that you seek.  With 9 different spray patterns you are sure to have exactly what you need for your car wash, garden watering or driveway cleaning.  Included with this set you will get:

  • Spray nozzle with the following settings
    • Shower
    • Cone
    • Jet
    • Soaker
    • Angle
    • Mist
    • Center
    • Full
    • Flat
  • A rubber washer to prevent leaking
  • an added adapter with a shut off valve

The whole thing comes molded in yellow and black (it is a bright yellow so please stop cringing Bengals fans, it is not Steeler yellow).

The Careful Gardener  hose sprayer nozzle did not leak when I tried it out and each setting provided a consistent spray with high pressure the whole time.

I received mine at a discount for my honest evaluation and review.

You can get yours by clicking the following link:



Mixologist World Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker

A good cocktail should be shaken not stirred.  The Mixologist World Cocktail Shaker allows you to do just that and you can do it in style!

The cocktail shaker set comes with everything you need to make a great drink…well, almost everything.  You must provide the ingredients and the super cool Tom Cruise shaking effects.

  • 24 oz/700 ml shaker
  • jigger
  • strainer
  • seal cap
  • illustrated cocktail guide

The set feels great in the hand.  When you look at this product you can tell that a lot of thought went into the product.  The design is similar to other cocktail shakers and upon quick glance you might think it is just a generic cocktail shaker set, but as you look deeper into the product you will notice some features that make this more than just a drink mixer.  Three of the four pieces are adorned with beautiful etching work that turn this ordinary shaker into a bar piece that you would be happy to proudly display on your bar even when you are not mixing up a drink.  The jigger and the cap have the Mixologist world tree etched on them and the strainer has the company name etched in  the side.  These are very cool features that give this a leg up on the competition.

I have mixed drinks for friends at our recent party and they were impressed when I strategically set the shaker down with the design etching facing them.  They took note of the etching and commented that they would be looking into getting one of their own.

You can get yours at the link below…

*I received this set at a discount for my honest evaluation and review.

Mixologist World Cocktail Shaker set
Beautiful Mixologist World tree logo
Etching on strainer
Jigger with tree logo

Eat Smart Precision Body Check Digital Body Fat Scale

News Year’s resolutions are in full swing!  Most of us resolve to eat better, get in shape and lose weight this year.  Come on, we all do.  The Eat Smart Body Check scale is the perfect resolution companion.

The scale feels like a high quality instrument from the moment you take it out of the box.  The quarter inch thick tempered glass weighing surface provides a strong platform on which you stand to measure your weight and many other health measurements.  A large blue lit LCD screen is the window to your health with large, easy to read measurements.

Weight isn’t the only thing this scale calculates…

  • body weight
  • Body Mass Index
  • Body Water Percentage
  • Muscle Mass Percentage
  • Bone Mass Percentage
  • Calorie recommendations

All of this with instant on technology that instantly begins reading your numbers the moment you step on the scale…no more waiting for the flashing zeros!

To do these calculations you must first enter some basic information.  Athlete vs. standard measurements, male vs. female, activity level, height, and age must first be entered.  This is all done through the easy to navigate menus and the four buttons found below the screen.  Once you have entered this information, step on the scale and place your feet over the safe electrode strips and the scale will do the rest.

Weight can be measured in pounds, kilograms or stones.  One of the coolest features of this scale is the user memory function.  Up to 8 users can be stored in the scale.  When a user steps on the scale their profile is selected by their weight.  It can even be set to distinguish between two users who have similar weights.

This scale is a great tool and one that I would recommend for anyone who is ready to take the steps to losing weight and becoming more healthy this new year.  You can get yours by clicking the link below.

Eat Smart Precision Body Check Body Fat Scale
scale1 (2)
Easy to read LCD screen with user input buttons