Ovleng X13 Over the Ear Headphones

Ovleng Embossed on headband
Embossed Ovleng Logo on headband

The Ovleng X13 over the ear headphones came packaged in a box that is a similar style to the Beats headphones that we have all grown accustomed to seeing on these cheaper style headphones. Once opened, the similarities to the packaging was gone. The headphones come with a braided cable that is attached to the headphones. It is not detachable.

What the cable does have, though is a functioning microphone and click box that enables the microphone. The headphones are constructed of plastic. From the outer ear cups to the adjustable headband they are all made of plastic. The headband is wrapped in a comfortable leather like material as are the over the ear cups that does provide ample cushioning for long listening sessions. The ear cups do cover the ears and prevent most of the sound from escaping even when listening at moderately high levels.

The sound is actually pretty good. The higher end of the sound is better than the lower range, but for most listeners it would be much more than acceptable. At loud levels there was a slight bit of distortion…but that was at a level that was uncomfortable listening to, anyway.

These are my son’s headphones now and he loves them. His brothers both have Beats and he thinks these are pretty cool!

I would recommend these to anyone for casual listening, and would especially recommend these to parents with children. They seem sturdy and sound good at a price point that you wouldn’t cry if they sat or stepped on them while getting into or out of the van.

Full Disclosure: I received these headphones at a discount for my honest review.

Until next time…stay informed.

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Frosty Pillow Cooling Gel Mat

If you are like me, you flip your pillow many times a night to get to the cool side of the pillow. As you can imagine, I was pleased when I was asked to review the Frosty Pillow Gel Mat. I was given this product at a reduced rate in exchange for my honest review.

The Frosty Pillow Cooling Gel Mat arrived in a nice box, perfect for gifting. Instructions are pretty basic. Place the gel mat in the freezer a few hours before you are going to go to bed. Place the gel mat in the provided pillow case and then lay the mat across your pillow. The cooling gel will stay cool all night long.

I found the cooling mat to not be too cold, but rather just right for me. My wife cringed at the thought of putting a cooling mat from the freezer to her pillow, but she likes to be warm, no, hot all night long. I must say that I woke with no neck pain and had a wonderful night sleep!

I think this will be a great tool to use when the kids have fevers and need to be cooled, when you have a sore neck that needs icing down and whenever you need the cool pillow to help you get to sleep.

You can get yours through Amazon at the link below.



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iJoy Lightning to USB cable.

I had the opportunity to review the iJoy lightning to USB cable recently. I received the cable free of charge in exchange for my honest review…and honestly I would not hesitate to buy three ore for my wife and kids to use with their phones and iPads. The cable comes in white and is 6 feet long.

What is so special about this charging/data transfer cable? The flat ribbon style of the cable. Other charging cables get tangled, wrapped around itself and coiled up. Not the iJoy. The flat ribbon style resists tangling, kinking and wrapping. It feels so much stronger than other cables.

The connection ends feel sturdy and strong…but not bulky and they still fit my iPhone with the Otterbox case.

The cables are Apple certified and each contain the chip sent from apple to insure they work as they are intended to.

I highly recommend the iJoy lightning cable and will be buying more for all the other apple devices in my house.

To get your own…


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Crown Coast Automatic Umbrella

The Crown Coast automatic umbrella is a work of functional art.  I was sent the black automatic umbrella at a reduced rate for my honest review.

The umbrella I purchased was the plain black umbrella.  The umbrella came with a cover and the umbrella.  There is a velcro strap attached to the outside of the umbrella, as is found on most umbrellas.  When in its unopened state the umbrella is about 12 inches long.  It fit in my wife’s purse which would be a good option when it is dry as it was readily available whenever she needed it.  At the first drop of rain the umbrella literally springs into action with a push of a button on the plastic handle.

This is not an uncommon feature, but a useful one nonetheless.  The real stand out feature comes when you are ready to close the umbrella.  With a push of the same button, the umbrella closes!  You must  then manually push it back to its unexpanded state to return it to the 12 inch size position.

The umbrella is sturdier than any umbrella I have seen in this size.  In my first three weeks of use it has not once been affected by wind.  The umbrella spines are strong and reinforced so that it will withstand high winds often encountered with rain storms.


Umbrella in closed position.
Umbrella after opening.
Open/close button on handle.
Up close view of reinforced spines.
I would recommend this umbrella as it is the perfect size for quick use.  It quickly opens to keep you dry.  I would keep one in the car and one in the office so that you are ready whenever the need arises.

You can get your own umbrella right now on Amazon at the following link…


Limm resistance loop bands set of 5

I’ve used the theraband exercise bands for therapy for injuries in the past, I’ve never used them for just general strengthening. It makes perfect sense that this would work as a general exercise tool, too.
When I first opened the bands I thought, come on, how will this provide a good work out? I was wrong! The set comes with varying resistance bands from very light on up to the heavy, There is a resistance that is right for you. If not, you can use a combination of bands to provide just the right resistance for your workout.
In all there are 5 12″ by 2″ bands. They come packaged in a very nice bag that is perfect for transport and storage. There is also an included exercise card with instructions for many different exercises and a website to see even more.
Yellow, green, blue, red and black bands increase in resistance strength.
I like these bands because of the total workout they provide. I am no gym junkie, but I used to do a lot of strength training for football. I still remember coach telling us to go down slow on our bench presses and squats so that we would get the negative resistance workout as well. These bands provide just that…both positive (on the pull) and negative /(as the band returns to normal shape.)
I highly recommend these resistance bands to people of all fitness levels to improve strength.
I received this item at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review.


Until next time…Stay informed.
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Smart Weigh SMS500 feature packed, highly accurate and very stylish! It has it all!,

My family has used many different scales. This is one of the best we’ve ever had. The Smart Weigh SMS500 has a large, easy to read LCD screen. The numbers are large and there is a nice contrast and no glare.
The scale has a nearly instant on and quick read process. Just step on and it is ready to go. The scale “remembers” the user and will show you how much you have gained or lost. It even will show you red or green screen cues to make it very easy to see how you are doing on your weight loss goals. Gain and you get a red screen…lose and you get a green screen showing how much you’ve gained or lost since the last weight in. The scale is made of tempered glass and looks nice enough to leave out in your bathroom between uses.

quick on

storage for 8 users

memory function of last weight

visual indication of loss or gain (motivation)


sometimes overly sensitive and will not zero in on a weight

Occasional mis-identification of user
All in all, I love this scale and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new scale. The only feature I wish it had was connectivity to my phone so that the weight information could be added to my health profile on my phone.
I knew this scale didn’t have that feature when I purchased it,m so it isn’t a problem with the scale, just a feature I would like to see.
Full disclosure: I received the scale at a reduced price in exchange for my honest review.

Get yours here! https://www.amazon.com/review/R284TNIRU3P0W4/ref=cm_cr_rdp_perm

Until next time…Stay informed!
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Reivalo headlamp of all headlamps! ┬áSuper bright, super cool!

I received the Reivalo Outdoor Equipment Headlamp for free in exchange for my honest review and let me tel you this thing is awesome!
I have had many different types of flashlights…the big ones that take D cell batteries, the small ones that use button batterries and everything in between. Handheld, table top and even other headlamps. Nothing compares to this light! From my back deck I can light up the woods over 100 yards away!
The strap is comfortable on a hat and even on the bare forehead. with only three AAA batteries you have a light that will surely be bright enough for any task.
There are three intensity settings as well as a red tinted light that is perfect for use when you don’t want to send out a search beacon. My boys wear this light and can shine it into the sky and it seems to light up the clouds in the night sky. a push of a button turns it down and another push sends it to the lowest setting. One more push and it is off.
I have used this for searching in my dark pole barn, taking the trash to the end of the driveway and my some even uses it in the car to read books.

I can honestly say I’ve never had a light this bright! It truly is the headlamp of all headlamps.
I love that I can use this headlamp and keep my hands free for other tasks.
I highly recommend this to anyone who is in the market for a headlamp or flashlight!
Until next time…stay informed!

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The Eye Love glasses case review.

The Eye Love glasses case comes with some great additional items! Included in the package are the glasses box, a lint free bag, a vinyl bag and a multiuser tool to repair broken glasses.
The two bags are nice features for transporting the sunglasses I will keep in the box. The box will stay in the car, although it could easily be carried with you. The multi tool has a small wrench, phillips and flathead screw driver.
I would not trust the box to protect my oakleys if I say I. It, but it will surely keep them protected around the car. I feel more secure with the glasses in this case than I did when I used to just set them on the dashboard or in the front console.
I would recommend this case for your sunglasses or prescription glasses to protect them from life’s bumps and bruises.
Until next time… Stay informed.
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