Kucam 720p wifi security camera Day 1 Review

I received the Kucam 720 p wifi camera free for my honest review.
I will be doing another 4 day review of the 720 p Kucam wifi security camera.
Day 1.
The 720 p camera looks the same as the 1080p camera on initial inspection. The same high quality white exterior with silver camera lens trim and familiar IR lights surround the lens just as are present in the other Kucam camera I own. The only visible difference is the grey trim ring along the base. The other camera has a blue trim ring.
Included in the box is:

* Kucam 720p he wifi camera

* Wall mount bracket

* Cat 5 cable

* quick connect guide

* Power adapter

* Wifi antenna

* Welcome business card

* Software mini cd
Taken from the box it takes only about 10 minutes before I had the camera up and running with the video showing on my iPhone.
Connect the antenna.

Plug in the power adapter.

Let the camera power up and now you are ready to connect the camera to your wifi.
This process couldn’t be easier! The lights on the front show you that you are ready to connect. There are a couple of age to connect the camera. I choose the one button connection. On the bottom of the camera is a QR code that will open the interface for you to enter the admin password for the camera ( the initial password defaults to 123456, but you can change this later). The quick wifi connect plays a series of tones from you phone and as long as the phone is close enough to the camera it will listen for the tones and connect to your wifi. I didn’t have my phone close enough the first time, but after a few attempts it connected and I could see the camera from my iPhone.
The app must be downloaded from the app store, but it is free and once you have it you can connect up to 4 cameras for viewing. All from within the same app!
The pan and tilt functions work right from the phone. Just a slide your finger across the screen and the camera will follow.
I will be updating this review tomorrow night with more features and thoughts so check back soon.

Until next time…stay informed. 

1080p camera in vga mode

1080p mode

720p mode vga clarity

720p nightvision 720p clarity

The differences between the 1080p and 720p are evident.

Until next time…stay informed! 


3 thoughts on “Kucam 720p wifi security camera Day 1 Review

  1. Could you send me the instructions on setting up the email alarm settings? The paperwork that comes with the camera doesn’t seem to cover it. It sounds like your review you had the same problem.


    1. Dave, thanks for the question. To enable the email feature you will have to log into the camera from your web browser. Type in your IP address of your camera and then the username and password for the camera. You will see three options and the last one is settings. You will need to check the security and select the first option of send email. You can also record the clip to an sd card if you have one installed. You will need to specify what email address or addresses you want to be emailed and then also setup the email you are sending it from. You will need to know the out going settings of your email server as well. This is all from memory. Please comment again if you have other questions or if this doesn’t work. You will also want to set the “masks” which will tell the camera where you want to look for activity and also set up the times when you want security to be active. Otherwise you will get a ton of emails because it will default to be always on. Thanks again! Don’t forget to follow and like the review so you can stay up date on any new features I find or information from this great company!


  2. I have just purchased 2 Kucam X series full HD cameras.
    I have set them up fine but I am having trouble with changing the password .
    I opened the “Search Pro software and went to the “Security” tab and tried to change the password but it would not let me can you please help?


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