Kucam 720p wifi security camera Day 1 Review

I received the Kucam 720 p wifi camera free for my honest review.
I will be doing another 4 day review of the 720 p Kucam wifi security camera.
Day 1.
The 720 p camera looks the same as the 1080p camera on initial inspection. The same high quality white exterior with silver camera lens trim and familiar IR lights surround the lens just as are present in the other Kucam camera I own. The only visible difference is the grey trim ring along the base. The other camera has a blue trim ring.
Included in the box is:

* Kucam 720p he wifi camera

* Wall mount bracket

* Cat 5 cable

* quick connect guide

* Power adapter

* Wifi antenna

* Welcome business card

* Software mini cd
Taken from the box it takes only about 10 minutes before I had the camera up and running with the video showing on my iPhone.
Connect the antenna.

Plug in the power adapter.

Let the camera power up and now you are ready to connect the camera to your wifi.
This process couldn’t be easier! The lights on the front show you that you are ready to connect. There are a couple of age to connect the camera. I choose the one button connection. On the bottom of the camera is a QR code that will open the interface for you to enter the admin password for the camera ( the initial password defaults to 123456, but you can change this later). The quick wifi connect plays a series of tones from you phone and as long as the phone is close enough to the camera it will listen for the tones and connect to your wifi. I didn’t have my phone close enough the first time, but after a few attempts it connected and I could see the camera from my iPhone.
The app must be downloaded from the app store, but it is free and once you have it you can connect up to 4 cameras for viewing. All from within the same app!
The pan and tilt functions work right from the phone. Just a slide your finger across the screen and the camera will follow.
I will be updating this review tomorrow night with more features and thoughts so check back soon.

Until next time…stay informed. 

1080p camera in vga mode

1080p mode

720p mode vga clarity

720p nightvision 720p clarity

The differences between the 1080p and 720p are evident.

Until next time…stay informed! 


Gear Beast Arm Band Phone Case for IPhone 6/6s and Similarly Sized Phones

The Gear Beast exercise arm band is perfect for the iPhone 6. There is a nice phone pocket with a clear screen window that still allows you to control the phone from the touch screen. The pocket is large enough that you can still use a hefty otterbox case!
The case is made of neoprene material. This is a great choice for a product that is meant to be used while working out as it will keep your phone dry inside the pocket. One thing I live about this arm band is that it comes with an extension strap that makes the arm band longer to fit around larger arms. This works well and gives almost 8 extra inches.
The band has a pocket on the backside of the phone holder that can be used to hold a key, money, a credit/debit card, etc.
This is really a nice arm band that keeps your phone handy and safe while still allowing you to enjoy your music while you work out.
I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review.


Until next time…stay informed!
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Myrnason Ultra Portable Meat and Candy Thermometer

The Myrnason Instant read thermometer is a great kitchen gadget! My wife is a stickler for food preparation safety. If the sell by date has passed she is reluctant to eat it. Milk goes down the drain on the date printed on the jug. Me, on the other hand, I use my nose. This thermometer is functional for both types of people! When we cook food my wife likes everything well done cooked to the exact internal temperature plus a few degrees. The thermometer is perfect for her to make sure her chicken breasts are at least 175 degrees(165 is recommended). Just stick the meat thermometer in the thickest part of the breast and instantly the temperature comes up! I use it on my medium rare steaks and it does a great job there, too! Stick it in the meaty filet and if it says 135 it’s perfectly medium rare! I love this thing and won’t cook on the stove or grill without it from now on!
There are handy buttons on the thermometer that allow you to turn it on and off, switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius, hold a temperature and set the min and max temps.
I like this thermometer and will keep it handy for all of our cooking in the future.
Myrnason provided this thermometer at a reduced rate for my honest review.

Until next time…stay informed!
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Honeywell RPLS540A ECONOSwitch Programmable Timer Switch, White

I needed an automatic switch for our outdoor pole lamp by our driveway. The switch is on the other side of the garage and I was tired of climbing over the kids bikes to turn this lamp on and off. I installed this myself in about 10 minutes and had it set to turn on at night and off at daybreak in about 5 more minutes. I can set it to run a daily schedule, but right now it is set to operate the same each day! It is so simple!
One thing worth mentioning is that the switch doesn’t work well with the CFL bulbs.  When the timer is set to off the bulb has a slight flicker.  The switch requires a minimum 40 watt load.  This excludes led bulbs and CFL bulbs.  

Also, be sure when setting up the timer you adjust for your latitude and longitude.  These adjustments are included in the instructions.  This will adjust the dawn and dusk times for your specific location.

Thanks Honeywell!
Until next time… Stay informed!

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Kucam 1080p wifi camera Day 4 final review

Day 4
After 4 days of intense review I can say that this is a great product and an excellent company that is really out to help its customers. They have been quick to respond to every question I’ve had and have absolutely been there through every step of the way!
I love the ease of set up. I love the high quality picture I get from the camera. You can view the camera from your phone with little trouble. I’ve never had an issue. Every time I’ve attempted to access the camera I was treated to a flawless view of my home. Xvga, vga, and 1080p the view has been available. PTZ has worked well from my phone and computer with very little lag in response.
My only issue has been with setup of the security zones. This, too, was worked through, but it was a little bit tricky. I would recommend this camera to every one and have even suggested it to my parents to buy for their lake house.
If you can recommend it to your close relatives it better be good and I say “Get it!”
Hopefully you feel good about your purchase and feel confident that the product will meet your needs. Message me here or follow the blog and ask your questions there!
Until next time, stay informed!
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Straps for GoPro Camera

I received the Straps for GoPro at a reduced rate in exchange for my honest review. Regardless, the review is based upon my opinion of the product.
The Straps for GoPro came securely packaged and looked like a high quality product at first viewing. There was an orange neoprene wrist strap that wraps around the wrist to provide the first layer of protection for your GoPro camera. The wristlet was tight for me, but I am a bigger guy. I was able to get the wristband strapped and snapped! That’s a huge plus in my book. The wristband is soft and padded and felt comfortable. From the wristband is a nylon tether with a plastic clip at the end. This clip attaches to the smaller nylon loop that will attach to your GoPro camera case. The clip holds tightly and doesn’t seem like it would breakaway easily. This in itself makes this item worth the price, but also included is another wrist strap that can be used to secure your camera when you are using it on land. If you don’t need the floating neoprene band protection, you can clip this one on. I would recommend this piece of security to protect your investment.

Brightly colored make it easy to see if it did come unattached

The wristband floats

Strong clip makes me more comfortable using the camera near water

Lanyard could be attached to other important items like keys, waterproof cell phone case, etc.

Might be tight on larger wrists
Thanks and until next time…stay Informed!
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Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above in exchange for review

Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Reference ID: pmef61362fe54db825f9a73dd2c54bf790

KUCAM 1080P Wifi 2.0 Mega Camera Day 3 Review

Welcome back!

This is the third day of my planned 4 day review of the KUCAM WiFi Camera.

Day 3:
Another email to customer service and again I am impressed! This is the company that doesn’t sleep! I emailed at about midnight and received a response at about 8:30 AM. We exchanged a few emails and Andy assured me he would be in touch once he checked his work computer and home computer to find the browser versions. I went to my sons basketball game and got an email from Andy at 7:30 PM with a response with a solution to my initial question. That’s 11 hours later! Talk about amazing customer service!

Now back to the technical aspects of the camera. Using the dropbox manuals Andy sent me the day before I was able to set up the monitoring zones. You can set four zones and can also adjust the sensitivity in those zones. If the camera is triggered you will get an email with pictures from the triggered zone! In the event that someone entered your home you would receive an email with a picture of what happened in the monitoring zone. This is really useful if things were stolen from your home. You would have a picture of who entered your house! Now that is peace of mind!

I feel like I have things set up now on the camera, I can view the camera from my phone, my wife’s phone and my laptop computer. The SD card inserted in the camera (up to 64 GB) will store the pictures or you can set it up to store to a hard drive or send them to an FTP server.

A new feature I didn’t know existed was the preset camera angles. Pressing one of the 16 preset buttons will bring the camera to a set position. You can quickly scan your entire viewing area and swing the camera to each of the spots with a press of a button. This is a great feature to check zones if you have a wide open area you are monitoring.

I continue to be impressed with the features included in this unit. I also appreciate the fact that you can monitor up to four cameras with the software. You could quickly and relatively cheaply monitor all the rooms in your house. I will be looking into this opportunity of adding more of these awesome units so that I can see other areas of my house all from the convenience of one app on my phone!

KUCAM has really created an economical alternative to the expensive CCTV systems sold elsewhere. These also allow for easy home surveillance without the difficulty of running wires throughout a home and the expense of running wires through the already existing walls.

Check back in tomorrow or better yet, follow the blog to get the final planned four day review and hear about all the great products I receive and review!

I received his camera at a reduced price to review and provide my honest opinion of the product.

Until then…Stay Informed!

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Kucam 1080P Mega 2.0 WiFi Security Camera Day 2 review

Day 2:

So today I wanted to check out a few more features of this camera.

I emailed the support team whose contact info came on a nice business card included in the box. When I woke up this morning at 6:00 AM EST I had two email from them. Included in the email were directions on how to set up the SD card to record video, how to set up the alarm feature that records when it detects motion and information on how to set up the email function that sends an email, picture and short video clip when the camera detects motion. I was also given access to a drop box folder that had the most current version of the manual.

I was able to get both of these features set up when I returned home after work.

After setting up the email function I received multiple emails due to the fact that my family was walking around the house. We were tripping this thing like crazy. This tells me that the motion sensor works. It turns out that you need to use gmail or yahoo mail as the sending address. After a few setup changes in my gmail account I was able to get the emails. Pictures and video were included.

The SD card was filled up with video clips and pictures. I deleted these and reset the software. In the manual are instructions on how to set the camera to only detect motion at certain times of the day. I was able to set the camera up to detect motion only during the overnight hours and times when we are at work.

New features I didn’t know existed, you can turn off the LED lights on the front that indicate the camera is connected to wifi and that it is working. You can also adjust the volume of the built in mic and speaker.

From my office I was able to remote into the camera from my phone over my cell phone data. I spoke to my daughter as she stood in front of the camera. The controls for the PTZ worked, although there appeared to be more of a delay than when I was using the camera on the same WiFi system.

This product would be great for a vacation home. You could see what was going on at the house at the lake from the comfort of your main home. I actually showed my parents and they are interested in this possibility for their lake home. I do still have questions regarding setting up the motion detection zones. From the camera software you can indicate windows, doors and traffic areas that will be used as triggers for the motion detection. I will be emailing again tonight to find out about those features.

Day 2 impressions…this is a cool product that has a lot of different applications. I am impressed with the options in the included software. I hope to get the detection zones figured out and then review the security alarm features more clearly. The company is attentive and quick to respond.

Until tomorrow…stay Informed.

I received this product at a reduced price to provide an honest review.

Be sure to follow the blog to stay informed and to see what other items find their way to my mailbox for review!

Thanks for stopping by.

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Every year we Bengals fans go through the roller coaster of emotions we’ve all come to know as backers of the Black and Orange!  This season finds our beloved Bengals on the best start they’ve ever had in the history of the franchise!  Is this the real thing?  Are we setting ourselves up for another Bengals slide as we enter the second half of the season?  Time will tell, but for now, you tell me what you think.  Be sure to leave a comment and follow to talk more about the team as we go on!

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